DIVA Mount

DIVA Mount for Juergensen Marine Hammer Head conversion Mounts to standard Inspiration DSV or our OC/CC DSV/BOV for inspiration

DIVA Mount on Divematics,USA,Inc. OC/CC DSV AGA Conversion

DIVA Mount on Divematics,USA,Inc. OC/CC DSV

DIVA Mount on Divematics,USA,Inc. OC/CC DSV

DIVA Mount on Divematics,USA,Inc. OC/CC DSV

DIVA Mount on Divematics,USA,Inc. OC/CC DSV

DIVA Mount Side view

DIVA Mount Front view

We have a unique mounting bracket for the Hammer Head DIVA by Juergensen Marine or can be used for other heads up/head down systems

Mounts to the standard Inspiration DSV or Divematics OC/CC DSV

It's easy to secure the DIVA to your DSV , especialy if you don't like having it on the mouthpiece screw or especially good if the centre screw on your Inspiration DSV has stripped its thread .

It is easily removeable without unscrewing anything, just unclip and remove the whole DIVA assembly no fooling around with unscrewing anything. (Patent (s) Pending)

It's normally $49.99

Show Special is $US39.99

Plus frieght


If you buy one of Divematics OC/CC DSV/Inspiration at our normal pricing ($800.00 US)which includes the Demand valve and we will throw in the DIVA mount for free,

Normal delivery is 3 to 4weeks

Pricing is F.O.B. Fullerton Ca.

Payment can be made by credit card Amex/ MasterCard/Visa/Discover, wire transfer or prepayment.
Please Call or Fax Card Number expiration date and shipping address.

We require payment prior to shipment of goods.

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