To use full facemask with your rebreather we offer several full face mask conversions

AGA/Interspiro Full Face Mask conversion
Poseidon Full Face Mask conversion
Scubapro Full Face Mask conversion
Others on request
Rebreather AGA Conversion

AGA/Interspiro Full Face Mask conversion

AGA/Interspiro adapter kit replaces the regulator mounting plate on the mask
allowing our DSV to be hard mounted to the mask.

Also included is our Closed circuit/Open circuit DSV mouthpiece Block with
open circuit 2nd stage. (various demand valve are available, standard is the
Oceanics Omega 2nd stage because of its small size)

Total price for AGA/Interspiro CC/OC adapter kit is $US960.00
(plus $US 50.00 extra for threaded ends or special connections)
(This kit does not include Full face mask)

Without Open Circuit Regulator Option

Total price for AGA/Interspiro Closed Ciruit DSV with adapter kit is$US 795.00
( plus $US 50.00 extra for threaded ends or special ends)
(This kit does not include Full face mask)

Underwater Communications
Most all underwater communications can be fitted to the mask, you can order direct from us or
the comms manufacture.

The kit can be adapted to accept most comms OTS, Orcatron, Divecom, and Others

Photo's can be seen at

Normal delivery is 3 to 6 weeks

Payment can be made by credit card Amex/ MasterCard/Visa,or wire transfer or prepayment.

We require a deposit of 50% on order balance payable prior to shipment of goods.


 Hose connections  are available for

AP Valve's- Inspiration and Evolution
Aura CCR-2000
Bio Marine Instruments - BMR -500
Bio Marine Industries- CCR-1000, Mk-15,Mk-16, CCR 155
Cis-Lunar Mk 5 Mk 4
Draeger - Lar V,Atlantis, Dolphin,Ray,FGG III,FGT III,..
Diveright- Optima
Interspace -Megladon
Standard hose connection available in 1.75 "dia ,1.95 "dia.
Others on request.

All are available with our combination Closed Circuit/Open Circuit switch valve, which allows you to switch from one mode to the other by just rotating the lever a quarterturn.


Things to be aware of

¨ Must use anti-fog on lens
¨ Mask fit is very important to prevent leakage
¨ Proper adjustment of mask
¨ Hydrostatic pressure, both positive and negative and how it effects use the mask

To use this type of equipment You must have certification from a recognized certifying agency In this type of equipment


To use this type of equipment properly you should have a minimum of 25 hours on the specific type closed circuit rebreather that you are going to use, and 25 hours on the specific type of full face mask that you are going to use in open circuit mode.

Answers to  questions about our DSV's ( Dive/SurfaceValve) for rebreathers in a full face mask

1.    How is water prevented from entering the breathing loop?
    The barrel valve in the DSV (Dive Surface Valve)when it turns it
    Isolates the mouthpiece inlet from the breathing loop, any water
    coming in to the inlet would go to the open circuit demand valve on the bottom of the DSV

2.    Is diver attitude a problem?
    This is a function of hydrostatic pressure generated by the
    rig depending on the divers position, it mostly has to do with
    how well the rig itself handle diver position.

3.    If deployed on the seabed how can the re-breather mask be retrieved and
    The rebreather is isolated from any water coming into the breathing loop    

     by selecting the DSV  lever to the down position (open circuit)
    When the diver wants to don the rebreather, they put the mask on
    and with the DSV still in the open circuit mode they push the
    purge button on the demand valve blowing out any water in the DSV
    then rotates the lever to the closed circuit mode and breaths off
    the rebreather. (there are several other variations to this but this
    is the quickest)
4.    How is demist achieved?
    To maintain a low CO2 in the mask you cannot allow the gas passage
    to go over the lens like in the open circuit model, it is all
    kept in the oral nasal mask.  So a good quality antifog must be used,
    also it is possible to bring water into the mask to demist it
    when it is in the open circuit mode

5.    What is the minimum operational temperature, zero or below?
    The mask assembly minimum operational temperature is the same as
    The rebreather it is being used with, except for the Demand valve on the
    bottom of the mask, this is what ever the demand valve is rated
    (What ever the  demand valve is rated for.)

AGA Mask Adapter Kit  Mounting Instructions

Disassemble AGA mask

¨ Remove communications port cover
¨ Remove regulator
¨ Remove nose clearing device by unscrewing 2 retaining screws
¨ Remove 3rd screw holding the oral nasal mounting plate
¨ Remove oral nasal and mounting plate
¨ Undo metal strap retaining regulator mounting block
¨ Carefully remove block from rubber skirt

Assemble Adapter to AGA mask

¨ Replace standard regulator mounting block with the new adapter block supplied
¨ Carefully Replace block into rubber skirt
¨ Replace metal strap retaining regulator mounting block
¨ Remove check valves (2) in oral nasal
¨ Replace with blanking plugs from kit
¨ Replace oral nasal and mounting plate
¨ Replace nose clearing device with 2 new retaining screws in kit

Mounting SWITCH BLOCK to AGA adapter

¨ Lubricate O'ring on face seal of Switch block
¨ Insert Switch block into bottom hole of adapter block
¨ Insert block retainer from inside mask bottom hole
¨ Carefully thread retainer into Switch block assembly
¨ Align block properly before tightening retainer fully
¨ Don't over tighten retainer
¨ Remount comm. port cover with new screws included in kit
¨ Note holes might need to be enlarged slightly for the new screws


¨ Only use Oxygen compatible lubricants
¨ Lubricate all O'rings properly,do this after every 3 dive or prior to diving after prolong non use

** The skirt on the comms. cover must be trimmed across the bottom to clear the closed circuit block ,cut straight across the lower skirt just below the diameter with the sealing o'ring ***


¨ Check all connections to make sure of tightness
* Make sure check valves are in proper direction of flow
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