Updated 20 January, 1999

New Orleans
2nd annual Rebreather Party
during DEMA Show

Members of the rebreather list ,rebreather users, and guests are invited to attend the party organized by Matt Garvey and Tracy Robinette.

This party is a chance for us all to get together, compare ideas, check out other peoples systems, share experiences and have a little fun. There will be Video and Slide presentations at the party.

  • When: Thursday night 14 Jan 1999 -7:00 to 10:00 PM
  • Where: Patout's Bourbon Vieux Room, 501 Bourbon St,The French Quarter
  • What: Cajun and Cerole Food with beer and wine
  • Donation for this party is $20.00 ,if you sign up now and receive the money by 8th of January 1999,or $25.00 at the Door,
    Please let us know by e-mail if your coming so there will be enough food.
  • For more info about the Annual Rebreather Party, please E-mail us at:
  • ltrobin@divenet.com - Tracy Robinette or

  • At DEMA ,ask at the Immersed Magazine Booth

  • Thanks to our sponsors and meeting volunteers without their help this party wouldn't be possible.

    Please visit the sponsors links below and consider them next time they can be of service. Check out the pictures from last years Fullerton Rebreather Party
  • Pictures from our 1998 Rebreather Party #1
  • Pictures from our 1998 Rebreather Party #1
  • Check out the pictures from this years New Orleans Rebreather Party,thanks Dr. Bob
  • Pictures from our 1999 Rebreather Party #2
  • Pictures from our 1999 New Orleans Rebreather Party #2
  • Party Sponsors:

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