General Product Information and Prices

Mouthpieces-DSV (Dive/Surface Valves) for rebreathers

We  make several different mouthpieces - DSV's for most rebreathers :

Our Rotary style, with a easy turning  twist style valve with large handle.
All our mouthpieces are O'ring sealed with viton or Silicone O'rings
and are much easier to operate than most closed circuit DSVs (mouthpieces).
We have been building the same DSV mouthpiece with different connections
for several years, and find the closed circuit mouthpiece with the built in
bail to be the best backup system available.

We have several units on Inspirations, Draeger, and numerous other
rebreathers right now with great results.

Available with several different sizes and connections, are available for Hose connections for:

AP Valve's- Inspiration
Aura CCR-2000
Bio Marine Instruments - BMR -500
Bio Marine Industries- CCR-1000, Mk-15, CCR 155,Mk16
Drager - Lar V,Atlantis, Dolphin,Ray,FGG III,FGT III,..
1.75"/ 44.45mm Dia plain cuff
1.95"/ 49.53mm Dia plain cuff  (This is our Standard and will accept any of our rebreather hoses lised below)
Others on request (subject to quote)

The base price for closed circuit rotary only DSV is $US 525.00 plus $US 50.00 extra
for threaded ends or special ends (i.e.. for Inspiration or Draeger or others)

Or for easy bailout option (Our Most Popular DSV):

Closed circuit/Open circuit mouthpiece-DSV:

Also available is the same block as above ,with  closed circuit and a open circuit 2nd stage
Just by rotating one lever you switch from your rebreather to open circuit.

The price for open cicuit-closed circuit DSV is $US 750.00 plus $US 50.00 extra
for threaded ends or special ends (i.e.. for Inspiration or Draeger or others)
This  Includes a small demand regulator attached to the bottom of the block.

Also Available :

Closed circuit/Open circuit mouthpiece with a Custom Demand valve mounts for your own demand valve
The price for open cicuit-closed circuit only is $US 625.00 plus $US 50.00 extra
for threaded ends or special ends (i.e.. for Inspiration or Draeger or others)

DSV mounting plate to mount demand valve
$US 75.00 ea. for one of these
US Divers Micra
Dacor Viper,
Poseidon Cyclon
 and many others(subject to quote)

Or :

Closed circuit/Open circuit mouthpiece with universal mount :
Also available is the same block with  closed circuit/open circuit universal
mount (fits most 2nd stage by attaching with a rubber mount.)

price is $US 675.00, plus $US 50.00 extra for threaded ends or special ends
(i.e.. for Inspiration or Draeger or others)

photo's can be seen at http://www.divenet.com/divematics/mouthpiece/
  DSV Mouthpiece photo's

Standard DSV (Dive/Surface Valves) Mouthpieces  for rebreathers

We also have our Standard Pull down lever closable mouthpiece (DSV)  with complete check valves,
these are not available with open circuit/ closed circuit built in but other than that they are top notch,

price is $US 375.00, plus $US 50.00 extra for threaded ends or special ends
photo's can be seen at http://www.divenet.com/divematics/mouthpiece/
  DSV Mouthpiece Photo's

DSV Check Valves Assembly

Available in pairs Only,

All Check valve use our standard 35mm /1.377" dia. high performance silicone valve
Price ea. is $25.00

Standard plastic cage sizes include
1.62" dia.(Std.)#CVC175,
and custom (available in metric also).
All have provisions for o'ring seals.
Price ea. is $25.00 for standard (1.62" dia., 1.75" dia.)
Price ea. is $29.00 for  (1.50"dia.)
Price ea. is by quotation for custom
photo's can be seen at http://www.divenet.com/divematics/mouthpiece/
  DSV Mouthpiece Photo's

CCR/ Rebreather Hoses

Currently we are stocking 3 different sizes of Rebreather hoses:

Sold in pairs Only, all sizes are approximate:

C2-210   Corrugated rubber Hose  22.5"/571.5 mm long relaxed-  cuffs  I.D. 1.9"/ 48.26mm /1.75"/44.45mm     1.425"/36.2mm hose I.D.
$40.00 a pair    This size is use for large flow capability or when more loop capacity is needed

C2-310M  Corrugated rubber Hose   22.5"/571.5mm long relaxed-  cuffs I.D. 1.75"/44.45mm/1.75"/44.45mm   1.125"/28.6mm hose  I.D.
$50.00 a pair   This size is nice because of the extra length when using a full face mask

C2-410    Corrugated rubber Hose    19" /482.6mm long relaxed-   cuffs I.D. 1.9"/48.26mm/1.25"      1.125"/31.75mm hose I.D.
$70.00 a pair    This is the size that  fits Mk-16 or   Mk-15 with adapter also most popular

Other sizes available depending on stock ( ie: cloth covered hoses)

Normal delivery is 1 to 2 weeks

Bubble Deflector For Drager Atlantis or Dolphin S.C. rebreathers

The Deflector mounts on the top of the shell  covering the over pressure
valve. It allow the bubble coming out of the over pressure valve to be
deflected into smaller bubbles and quiets the noise down from the
bubbles  coming from the O/P valve.

The Deflector mounts on the top of the shell with 2 s.s. screws, 2 holes must
be drilled into the shell for the inserts that the screws mount to.

The O/P must be adjusted with the deflector off.

We recommend that a PPO2 monitor be used with the Deflector to make sure
it is not impeding gas flow.

The cost of the Draeger Bubble Deflector is $US 125.00

photo's can be seen at http://www.divenet.com/divematics/c2parts/
  Bubble Deflector Photo's

Normal delivery is approx. 3 weeks for the bubble deflector.

SHACKLE BLOCK/MANIFOLD  for gas control or switching for open circuit or rebreathers

Shackle Block Gas Distribution/Control Manifold , mounts to  2" webbing harness

For use with surface supplied air or as a distribution block for multiple gas supplies. A combination air manifold block that attaches to the diver's harness either by clamping directly or with a snap shackle. This accessory eliminates the need to connect a heavy and cumbersome umbilical directly to the full-face mask. The umbilical connects to the shackle block thru a check valve, then from the shackle block to the air inlet on a full-face mask. Other accessories can be taken off the block such as suit or B.C.. inflators, or various other devices.

Shackle Block Bare (no valves or QD's),          Part #2000-13-BARE                                  $145.00 ea.

Add on :
 On/off valves 316 S.S.with the green or black knobs,
       with 9/16 hose adapter included                                                                                                $ 69.00 ea.
1/4 turn On/off valves 316 S.S.with the green or black knobs,
       with 9/16 hose adapter included                                                                                                $ 69.00 ea.
  One way valve,  Part # 2000-13-CVS1                                                                                         $ 44.00 ea.
  Quick disconnect female 316 S.S.Part # 2000-13-QDFT                                                             $ 42.50 ea.
  Quick disconnect male 316 S.S. Part #2000-13-QDM2                                                               $ 42.50 ea.

    Normal delivery is 3 to 6 weeks
Photo's can be seen at http://www.divenet.com/divematics/shackleblock/
  Shackle Block Photo's

Full Face Masks and Conversion Kits

Widolf Full Face Masks


The Widolf mask is the most versatile full-face mask being made today.
The face seal, head band and face plate remain the same on each mask, this modular construction technique allows the mask to be tailored for any job requirement.
Specialized valving and communications components are available to meet the needs of any diving job.
Unmatched comfort and fitability in a full face diving mask, can be worn for extended periods of time with less fatigue then standard scuba or other full face masks.
Foam reflex seal , protected by a film of neoprene rubber allows a comfortable fit for most faces.
Low profile/ low volume, neutrally buoyant, allows the Widolf mask to be easy swimming, especially in currents and rough water.
Five strap headband with quick release buckles, pulls evenly on the back of the head properly supporting the mask easing jaw fatigue problems.
Rugged, the most rugged lightweight full-face mask made.
Tempered glass lens, minimizes scratches and fogging.
Low maintenance High quality materials especially chosen for resistance to the effects of the marine environment, a rinse in fresh water is usually all the maintenance that's needed. other than periodic inspection of the valving.

The combination of the foam reflex seal and the adjustable five-strap headband ensures a perfect fit for most faces , and provides comfort for long dives,a feature which is missing in other masks.
The face seal is formed by a main neoprene body which is molded so that a flap folds back over a foam insert.
The interior space has an extremely low volume preventing Co2 build up.

Two types of nose clips are available. One pinches the nostrils closed, the other presses up to block the nostrils. Both can be easily installed on any Widolf mask. They are operated from the exterior of the mask and are adjustable for position.

Widolf Diving Equipment maintains a complete replacement inventory for quick shipment.

Widolf masks stay with the diver, even in severe currents. But if need be the diver can abandon his mask and "bailout" by forcibly pulling it forward and sliding it off his face

The inlet fitting on demand masks is a scuba 9/16-18 o'ring fitting.
Scuba Whip - Standard first stage hookup is for connecting a first-stage regulator to a Widolf demand free flow mask.
Emergency Breathing System hose is for connecting bailout bottles to a Widolf mask.

Full face coverage has many advantages over the conventional scuba equipment for the diver who wants the ultimate in diving safety and comfort.
Comfort is a big factor ,water leakage around the mouthpiece is eliminated, a problem which is not just a matter of comfort in contaminated water. And finally, a full face mask stays on the diver's face and continues to function, even if the diver is unconscious. The is no loose mouthpiece to slip from the diver's bite.

Available with or Without Communications,
Widolf Masks are designed to function with any type of communications, hard wire, thru water, or specialized communications,all types are easily integrated into the mask .All Masks are available with complete hardware or thru water communications.
The mask will accept most comms  OTS,Orcatron,Divecom, and Others  are all available  except possibly Divelink because of the headband.
An adapter is avalable ,that would allow you to  use the AGA style comms on the Widolf Full Face Mask.

The DF-500 Widolf Full Face Mask / Demand/ free flow:

Ideal for scuba ,surface supplied or search and rescue.
DF-500 Demand free flow masks have all the advantages of both types of breathing methods in a single mask. They function equally well with self-contained bottles or with hose-supplied air or gas. The diver can breathe solely on demand, or by progressively opening the free flow valve can breathe in different combinations of demand and free flow until the free flow overpowers the demand action. A control knob allows the diver to adjust the demand mechanism to a wide range of hose pressures to insure easy breathing.

The price is $US 945.00


The Widolf recirculating masks are designed for use with closed circuit rebreathers, semi-closed circuit breathing systems, or standard 2 hose regulators.

Backpack hoses are attached to the shutoff block at the front of the mask .
The shutoff block isolates the mouthpiece are from the backpack to prevent water from going into the closed circuit backpack.
Switches between closed circuit and open circuit demand mode in the DR series.

Allows the diver to select mode depending on there requirements.
CO2 buildup is kept to an absolute minimum by a close-fitting oral-nasal seal.
The directional flow check valves, have a very low resistance and perform very ,well with various closed circuit packs.

The flow direction can be changed to either direction. The standard direction of gas flow is from the diver's right to
the diver's left.

The Widolf DR-600 comes with our  Rotary style DSV Closed circuit/Open circuit
mouthpiece, with a easy turning twist style valve.

Available with several different sizes and connections.

The  price for the mask   is $US 1950.00
plus $US 50.00 extra for threaded ends or special ends (i.e.. for Inspiration or Draeger or others)

We have been building the same mouthpiece (DSV) with different connections for several years, and find the closed circuit mouthpiece with the built in bailout to
be the best backup system available. Just by rotating one lever you switch from your rebreather to open circuit.

Normal delivery is 6 to 9 weeks
  Widolf full face mask photo's

AGA/ Interspiro Full Face Mask Rebreather DSV Conversion

Full Face Mask/AGA/Interspiro Conversion
Also available if you want to use full facemask with your rebreather:

AGA/Interspiro adapter to fit our DSV is $280 for the kit.

For DSV and the kit,
This works out to $US 1030.00 ea for our standard hose connectors or $US 1080.00 ea. for the Inspiration or Draeger
open circuit/Closed circuit DSV with the adapter to put into the AGA/Interspiro fullface mask

Normal delivery is 3 to 6 weeks

photo's can be seen at http://www.divenet.com/divematics/fullfacemasks/
  Full face mask conversions photo's

We also sell :
Low and high pressure regulator hoses in any length
Valve Systems ( left and right handed)
Custom parts for most all rebreathers
Special tool kits for most rebreathers (Inspiraton, Drager,and most others)
Niterider light systems (can be mounted to Widolf , frames are already drilled to mount 2 lights )
Communication Systems both thru water and hard wire
Pelican Products ( we stock cases to fit most rebreathers)

All products FOB Fullerton,Ca

Payment can be made by credit card Amex/ MasterCard/Visa/Discover,
wire transfer or prepayment.

We require a deposit of 50% on order, balance payable prior to shipment of goods.

PO Box 886
Fullerton, Ca. 92836
714-867-0455 fax
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