aqua Corp's pool session was a great place to try thing that they had not tried before,the latest and greatest, You could find the latest in closed circuit rebreathers,thru water comms, fins,you name it,the pool was great too,first year that there was a big enough pool for all the goings on.

Closed Circuit Rebreathers!

Richard Pyle tries out the new Cis-Lunar mk-5,is he happy or what? Kevin Gurr show a diver the inner working of the Cis-lunar mk-4
Peter Readey preping one of the Prism 2 's, alongside his personal mk-15.5 Sharon Readey taking another Prism 2 diver for a tryout,the family that dives together stays together
Christian Schultz from Draeger checks Diver in Draeger Atlantis Diver in Draeger Atlantis
Derek Clarke from Divex instructs a pretty rebreather user on their new rig Andy Dawkins ties the Divex rebreather

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